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Marketing Challenge:

In today’s complex world of Campaigning, it becomes a real challenge for Marketers to drive traffic to our Tour and Demo pages. We spent some time experimenting and implementing lead generating strategies. Though it had it's challenges, we learned some invaluable techniques on how to drive more product demos.

When it comes to setting up the Campaigns with right set of information, it should simplify the business process, accelerate decision making to near real time and control costing with increased Productivity. All of these can be done right with marketing automation platform like Eloqua.



Our basic goal was firstly, to improve user experience by reducing the number of forms created for every customer requesting a specific activity Quick Tours or Demos for Cloud Product. And secondly, to efficiently capture responses for online product demonstrations by automating the Response Capture to flow to a designated Campaigns.



  • We replaced MyProfile login page with Eloqua Landing Page with a flexibility built in for number of fields to collect and whether to “Create” or “Not create” a lead based on regional requirements
  • Quick Tours will carry a link to Request a Demo. The same “Request a Demo” process can also be used independently of Quick Tours to promote across other campaigns
  • Leads created against Quick Tours & Demos will be on a Worldwide Program Code including ones created using other cross campaign promotions



Groundwork was done based on the Product selection as below and the end result was to created Leads for every service.

  • Products split across categories -SaaS/DaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • Categories are split into Families (CX, HCM, ERP etc)
  • Families are split into Services (Sales, Marketing, Financials etc)
  • Each Service may have one or more Quick Tours


All the Products were listed based on the Categories on home page:



Customer Experience – Request a Quick Tours 

We tried to improvise the experience of Customers requesting for a Quick Tour by providing an option for them to select their Product from the services page on Only for lead creation, all the 8 fields will be requested; otherwise, just Email Address and Country is sufficient.


Customer Experience – Request a Demo

This experience was further enhanced by providing a “Request a Demo” link with every Quick Tour. At this stage, the customer would be asked for either all the 8 fields or just Email Address & Country based on the previous Quick Tour details he/she provides.


Campaign Setup

While the front end work goes on, there is a lot happening in the backyard. Instead of building hundreds of Campaigns and to reduce error free response capture, we designed the Campaign Setup in the most efficient way.



Form Setup

The following contact fields will be requested on the form: Email Address, Country, First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Phone and Zip Code. We also made Language Specific Pages which can be translated into regional languages based on an additional parameter in the URL for the language code.


We also gave Business an option to select a layout style by building 3 different form views like below:

                    2 column format with Content                                                       2 column format without Content                                       



                             1 column format with Content


Landing Pad Setup

There will be one Landing Pad for all the Quick Tours and one landing pad for all the Request a Demo. The URLs of the page will carry a parameter identifying the product the customer has chosen and this will be used to identify the Program Code which shall be passed as Lead Description.


Confirmation Page & Email Setup

Once the customer requests for a Demo, a confirmation email is triggered. The confirmation page for demos is dynamic for every service.


     Snapshot of Confirmation Page for Demos


     Confirmation Email for Requesting a Demo


Conclusion: Our main goal was “User Experience.” Only once the customer feels “GREAT” about the buying journey cycle, we see a higher Response-to-Lead Conversion rate leading to higher ROI. And who wouldn’t be happy to get their requested Product details explained by the Experts within no time. Yes, we were able to achieve this because of the awesome flexibility we have with Eloqua assets. Read these below results to know more.



  • Re-usability and Time Saver - Time required to create a hundreds of forms, Landing pages and Campaigns for every Product was saved by creating just 2 Forms for each of the activity type (QT & Demo) and coding the back-end script in a way to reuse the same form with a very user friendly interface across multiple campaigns, was just icing on the cake
  • Faster Response to Lead Conversion time - Since this process implementation we have seen response creation time within a span of 2mins and high percentage of lead creation. Since the Demo forms are scored high, 99% of the responses is creates as a lead within 30mins
  • Easy Reporting - An amazing benefit of tracking each and every Form submission can be pulled with just 2 Forms. Segments can be built to track Response to Lead Creation by providing just with these 2 Forms
  • Manpower Utilization - Manual efforts is reduced by decreasing the no. of people working as it is required to create a few forms and LPs
  • Improved Accuracy - By having a standard script running behind these forms, probability of manual mistakes was reduced as its required only to append the existing scripts than building new ones all the time


Useful Marketing Cloud Courses are:

  • B2B Targeting
  • B2B Conversion
  • B2B Analysis
  • B2B Technology
  • B2B Fundamentals and Email
  • B2B RPM

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