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It's no secret that while content is and always will be king, it can become difficult for a modern marketer to continuously develop new, relevant, well-written content year-round. If you're short on ideas for a certain month, looking for international relevance, or simply need ideas, try reviewing the dates on a calendar like this one.


You'll find listings that, when skillfully blended into your messages, can support your content relevance and timeliness.

calendar example.jpgHappy writing,


It's funny how in the day-to-day of all our marketing responsibilities, we can stumble into that foggy territory where everything is gray and nothing seems quite right. Our ROI isn't growing as we predicted, or our costs are soaring past our expectations. We start to throw darts to see what sticks, when all we have to do guessed it...go back to basics.


While product marketing can seem like a sea of decisions, there are four main points that create the cornerstones of all decision-making. Create your strategy around the four Ps, and you'll be back on a path to positive returns.


1. Product


Consider user experience, user requirements, functionality, and out-of-the-box experience your top priorities. Also pay attention to quality, post-buy support, and what competitors offer. Make your product better and your customer service service second-to-none, and you've got a winner. If marketing had just one purpose, it would be to make the customer deliriously happy so that they can love your product, use your product, evangelize for your product, and buy your product again.


2. Price much thought has gone into your product price? Is it a premium offering? Are you trying to drive penetration before striking a profit? Do you offer custom pricing? Volume or bundle pricing? Think about your end-game definition of product success, and work backwards to find your pricing model.


3. Place


What, exactly, are your channels to reach customers? Is it all sales people? Do you have partners? Where will your product live? How does your customer know about it? Determine every avenue you will use and the juncture at which you'll implement each one.


4. Promotion


Finally, what we marketers live for! Figure out your target personas, how they perceive similar product offerings, and how you want your product to be viewed. Here's where you get to brand your product with like-minded content across all channels that make sense. Focus on benefits to the customer and how your product is better and different from competitors, with a secondary focus on features. It's about them and not about us, right? A word of caution here: while we all love the many channels at our disposal, not every product benefits from every marketing tool -- QR codes, events, and social media, for example, are not a one-size-fits-all marketing plan solution. Get user feedback and use it to guide your marketing strategy every step of the way.


Hopefully this short guide will get you unstuck and out of the fog.


Happy marketing,


Don't know where to turn to find the latest release updates for Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Oracle Data Management, and Oracle Content Marketing? Then this article's for you! Follow the links below for your products.


Oracle Eloqua Release Updates

Oracle Responsys Release Updates

Oracle Data Management Platform Updates - see below

Oracle Content Marketing Updates


Due to the frequency of updates, Oracle Data Management posts release information to the Dashboard Message Board section.



Happy marketing and automating.

As you may know, we had a new learning portal launch in mid-August. Since then, there have been a few hiccups along the way but by and large students are happily taking classes and earning titles such as the B2B Master and Luminary.


If you have a valid pass but haven't taken classes in a while, or if you just want a reference tool, then this is for you.


Why did the Academy change it's name to Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy from Eloqua University?

We now provide training options for all Oracle Marketing Cloud products: Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Oracle Data Management, and Oracle Content Marketing. The old name of Eloqua University is not an inclusive or accurate reflection of current training offerings.


Why did you change the learning portal link?

The changes in Academy name and training options offered an opportunity to update the technology of an old learning portal system. In doing so, the URL for the learning portal changed to


Will you offer new passes soon?

The Academy will offer different pass options as well as renewal options in the not-too-distant future. In addition, new accreditations will also be available. You can review current training offerings on the Academy Data Sheet attached to this article.


Who can I call for questions about taking classes?

You can always contact the Academy Help Desk with questions. In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions section of this group on Topliners can help you find many answers at your fingertips.



We hope to see you in class again soon!

Oracle Content Marketing can be integrated with Oracle Marketing Cloud products and support any company's quest to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time. Learn about product details here.



If you've searched the self-paced courses lately within Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy, you've noticed a growing catalog of Oracle Content Marketing courses to support you. Nora O'Leary-Roseberry, lead curriculum developer for Oracle Content Marketing courses, shared the following.

What is the one most important thing to know about Oracle Content Marketing as you try to learn to use it?


Oracle Content Marketing is more than a content creation system: it’s a dynamic and powerful application full of tools for ensuring you have a strategic and thoughtful approach. It’s a good idea to come together first, as a team, to define strategy components like personas, funnel stages, and keywords before diving right into content creation.


What, in your opinion, is the most fascinating feature of Oracle Content Marketing?


The workflows! Workflows benefit the entire organization and not just the marketing team in the creation of captivating and targeted content. Features include: customizable stage names and colors, deadlines and requirement rules, and detailed permissions that help govern how users interact with workflow tasks. It truly makes the process of content creation a breeze! Workflows are also really flexible, as in multiple workflows can be assigned based on variables like content type, category, author, or publisher.


What new Content Marketing courses can we look forward to?


Expect to be set up for success! Our foundational series, which traces the story of a fictional company called Wonder Way, outlines everything you need to know from basic administration to performance analysis. Soon, we will debut a catalog of courses with tips and tricks for more advanced and strategic approaches. We will also continue to stay ahead of trends and present guidance on best practices.


Follow  Nora O'Leary-Roseberry-Oracle  on Topliners for Oracle Content Marketing curriculum news and updates, and comment below with your thoughts.


You can view the entire catalog of Academy courses here.

If you've taken courses with Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy (formerly Eloqua University) in the last year, you've seen a myriad of new classes not just for Oracle B2B (Eloqua), but also for Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP - Bluekai) and Oracle Content Marketing (Oracle B2C - Responsys courses are coming soon). In this article, we're digging a little deeper into what's available to learn more about using the DMP.




Let's define the Oracle DMP: It's technology that helps companies render usable marketing information from many sources of data, or big data. Big data is converted into knowledge about your customers and how to better target them.


While the purpose of the DMP may initially sound like a complex endeavor, Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy courses make learning how to use the DMP easier for modern marketers. Courses currently available specifically for the DMP are listed here, with new courses added every few weeks.


The following is from an interview with Greg Russell, the lead curriculum developer for the DMP within Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy.


What is the one most important thing to know about the DMP as you try to learn to use it?


Before using the Oracle Data Management Platform, it was critical that I knew the purpose of using a DMP and how a data management platform functions in general. Having a foundation in this allowed me to internalize what each tool and feature in the Oracle DMP facilitated and how they functioned. In essence, I felt that I had to know how a DMP worked before I tried to work with a DMP.


What, in your opinion, is the most fascinating feature of the DMP?


My favorite features of the Oracle DMP are the Audience Creation Tool and the Audience Discovery Report. The Audience Creation Tool is one of the most commonly used tools in the platform, because it allows users to explore the data taxonomy and compose target audiences based on highly granular data. Exploring the data taxonomy with its 30,000+ data categories can be fun, but it also can feel overwhelming, which is why the Audience Discovery Tool is my other favorite feature. This analytics tool allows DMP users to identify data categories from the taxonomy that are similar to audiences that they’ve already created. For example, if I have an audience that is converting well, I can use the Audience Discovery Tool to find audiences in the third-party marketplace that act similarly. Both tools are intuitive, powerful, and informative.


What new DMP courses can we look forward to?


Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy has a few exciting courses that will be coming out over the next few months, including some that will cover more about the analytics suite and reporting features, taxonomy and tag management, data ingest and classification, and integrations with other Oracle Marketing Cloud products as they are released. It’s an exciting time for the Oracle DMP, and we are excited to provide the highest quality, interactive courses to help Oracle Marketing Cloud customers learn to use the DMP in an efficient and engaging way.


Follow  Greg Russell-Oracle  on Topliners for DMP curriculum updates.


More ways to learn with the Academy will be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned for new passes, new accreditations, and new courses. You can view the Academy's entire catalog of courses here.


Remember to comment with your suggestions for new courses or DMP feedback below.

A few months ago, our education leader wrote a post about upcoming changes. In the weeks that have followed, you've seen the gentle progression of this process: classes are all Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy courses, the Help Desk email address has changed, and our new Sales team can be reached here.


OMC Academy-clr-Topliners.png


Soon you'll notice a revised Topliners group from Eloqua University renamed to Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy. You'll also find more courses and information for all Oracle Marketing Cloud products: B2B - Oracle Eloqua, B2C - Oracle Responsys, DMP - Oracle Bluekai, and Oracle Content Marketing (formerly Compendium). Go here to view a full list of courses available now.


In upcoming weeks, you will also see a new learning portal experience. We'll share more about that as the time for transition nears.


Thank you for learning with us and flowing through this process together.

Are you new to Topliners? Did you create an account on, come into the Topliners community and find yourself named as a number?


Never fear! Here's how you change your number to your name.


  • In the upper right of any Topliners page, click the down arrow next to your number.
  • Select Edit Profile.
  • Choose the Your Profile tab in the new page that appears, and click Edit next to Display Name.


edit profile tab.jpg


You'll arrive at your Profile Page for all Oracle sites and can change and save any settings there. The next time you log into Topliners, you'll have your name back.

It's April 2015, and some questions recently from a new client reminded me that if you're a new All Access Education Pass (AAEP) holder or new to any Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy training, the current education portal may not be crystal clear.


See the image below to quickly decipher the Course Library terms in the education portal. It's accurate until branding to Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy within the portal is complete and live.




Thank you for continuing to take courses as we transition to Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy branding from the former Eloqua University. Currently, the learning portal is still branded as Eloqua University. Announcements and notices will be sent to students once the transition is closer to final implementation.


The good news is that all Oracle Marketing Cloud products have courses in development, with new courses for Content Marketing and the DMP already live in addition to the robust Eloqua offerings. Responsys courses will soon be live as well with more scheduled for this year.


If you need to learn how to sign in and register with the learning portal (Eloqua University), read this.


Happy training,


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