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We were in the phase of implementing Eloqua as our company wanted to focus on Digital Marketing. Initially, all we knew about Eloqua was that it can be extremely useful for Email Marketing. Before Eloqua, we did not have very good numbers for Email Analysis reports, as the number of contacts who opened the email or who went to thank pages were very low. Contact to Lead conversion rates were low and sales always complained about the quality of Leads they received.



We ideally did not know how to start with Eloqua and what to expect. Hence for me, it came like the more we did on Eloqua the more we learned and more capable we became of exploring new functionalities of Eloqua.



We started using Eloqua for Email marketing.  We created customized emails for different categories of Customers using dynamic Content functionality.

Creating segments helped us in excluding contacts which had globally unsubscribed or hard bounce contacts. This helped us to target the right customers and also helped in getting the exact count of contacts to whom emails can be sent and how much conversion can we expect from a Campaign.


So the steps followed were:

  • Creating Emails: Personalizing them by the means of dynamic Content
  • Getting the target Audience for that email through Segments
  • Designing a Campaign through which Email can be deployed


Creating Emails:


Creating Segments:





Creating Campaigns:

We started creating Emails with two reminders so that when a contact does not submit a form when 1st email is sent to him, he gets a reminder email and if he submits a form the second time, he is in wait step and if again he does not submit a form, he gets a third reminder. If he submit a form this time, he is pushed to a wait step; otherwise, he is excluded from the Campaign.





Creating Landing Pages:

We created landing pages to capture responses of Contacts. Here they would submit their details and register for the Campaign and select their time preference.


Creating Forms:

We created a form to collect basic information of Contacts and in processing steps, we added all the rules we wanted to include.



Processing Steps of Forms:

With Processing steps, we were able to send one email to people who registered for the event for 3:00 PM and another email to people who have registered for the 8:00 AM slot. All the Contacts were then added to a shared list from where they were routed to a step in program builder for Lead creation.

new 8.jpg


Response details are captured in the Eloqua form – including Tagging information



As initially we did not know the scope of Eloqua, we started with Email Marketing. Post attending training sessions we were in the position to add scoring models to score our contacts.


Scoring a Contact: Responses in the Eloqua form are scored in Eloqua on Profile and Engagement.



Marketing Qualified Leads were identified using Segments which filter on contacts with appropriate lead score in the scoring model.


Once identified, MQL’s are passed to the CRM system using Eloqua campaigns.




If your country does not use CRM System, MQL’s can be exported from Eloqua for follow up through Shared lists.pic13.jpg


Results and Conclusion:

The implementation of Oracle Eloqua has increased Email and Campaign performance by 3-4%. Better quality of Leads passed to Sales hence conversion increased by 1-2%. We were able to focus on genuine Contacts by the means of scoring models. Management is happy with the performance as it is only two years since we have implemented Eloqua and we are seeing immense effect. We started with a team of four people, focusing only on EMEA Region. However, seeing the kind of improvement in the process we are soon to start with other Regions and also increase in team size to explore a lot more on Eloqua.


Useful Courses:

  • Fundamentals of Emails
  • Fundamentals of Forms and Landing_Pages
  • Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas
  • Advanced Editing and Form Processing
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Personalizing Campaigns
  • Web Profiling
  • Custom Subscription Management
  • Lead Scoring

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