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We started with Eloqua in 2013 and struggled for the first few months. Lack of knowledge, missing vision, limited dedication of resources were all factors making it a bumpy but interesting road to travel. In order to be a success you need more than a state-of-the-art Marketing Automation Tool and a great team of Modern Marketers.


In order to to facilitate our growth (40%) per year we encountered the following challenges:

  • Transition from Traditional to Modern Marketing
  • Facilitating campaign rollout across a growing number of countries, channels, and languages
  • Measuring performance by Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Managing massive lead throughput, benchmark marketing data, and budget forecasting


Attending Eloqua Experience 2013 and SiriusDecisions' Summit 2013 brought us the concept of Playbooks which would definitely help us in overcoming our challenges.

Exact considers Marketing Playbooks to be the next step in Demand Generation. Playbooks are a way of practicing marketing that covers the latest trends and insights like content marketing, performance based marketing and marketing automation. It is an utmost efficient way of rolling out marketing campaigns in a consistent way across multiple countries. The way we measure impact and performance is the same for every country so we can easily benchmark results between the countries. 

The Playbooks are developed for specific target audiences and contain a complete ready-to-use Demand Generation campaign for all countries in order to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).


So what did we do to get the playbooks up and running?

  • Learn and Share
    We made sure that knew everything about playbooks. We visited the outskirts of the internet and talked to people with experience or with similar ideas. We made sure we would be comfortable talking about the subject so we had multiple people involved - all from different angles - so we could combine all our ideas into one concept.

    After we made sure that all gathered data was filtered and adjusted to meet the needs in our organization we involved all other marketers and important stakeholders. We explained the workings of the Marketing Automation Platform and what a playbook could do for us. Almost instantly you noticed that the mindsets were changing from a traditional to a modern marketing approach.

  • Get involved, work together, get help
    We work in a Hybrid structure with Central and Local teams. It is VERY important to get the major stakeholders on board. We made sure that the central marketing teams and field marketing managers were all part of the playbook creation process.

    Each Field Marketing Manager was responsible for at least one of the Playbooks and had to make sure that all stakeholders provided input into the initial playbook setup. From there on the Content Team and the Marketing Automation stepped in and made sure that the content and assets were correctly aligned to the different stages in the Buyer’s Journey. 

    Marketing Best Practices Course - Best Practices: Global Demand Center (WBT)

    • Document and Inform
      Accountancy-Playbook-30-4-2.gifAll playbooks are documented. Each playbook is presented in a slide deck where you can find campaign objectives, the strategy, target audience and personas as well as the information on how we are going to answer the needs with our value proposition and products. Since the messaging has to be carefully selected per target group, the Playbooks also cover communication strategy.

      You can also find there all marketing assets needed in the various phases of the buying journey and nurturing flows, such as: online banner sets, blog items, e-mail templates, print adverts and landing pages.

      A lot of time and  effort has gone into creating a playbook so we needed to share success with the rest of Exact. We organised special sessions for the sales and customer success teams to bring them up to speed and informed the rest of the company via our internal news portal.

    • Execute in the right tool
      Using a Marketing Automation Platform like Eloqua enabled us to roll out the playbooks to other countries without too much additional effort.  We paid additional attention to the areas below:
      • The getting the basics right - we made sure that all templates used for Landing Pages, Emails and Forms where tested and flexible in adaptation for the different countries and languages.
      • We produced the Master Assets centrally so we know the first set is checked on quality, branding and naming conventions reducing errors when localizing the playbook.
      • For reporting purposes make sure that all Campaign Settings are filled in - using additional custom fields can help out in reporting on campaigns within your playbook.

    Make sure you followed all the email, landing page and forms courses as they help you consider your options when evaluating WYSIWYG or HTML based assets.


    • Analyze and Discuss
      You need to know if the playbook is performing. Don’t go on impulses or the bottom line reports. Most of the time there is more to it than meets the eye. Spend some extra time digging into the causes for a certain result. You could use the default Insight reports from Eloqua but it might be wise to invest in an Analyzer license to get custom reports out that better fit your organization.

      It is quite easy to accept that something works or doesn't work but it is very important to discuss the playbooks on a regular basis. Share experiences between countries, product lines, tactics - there is always room for improvement.

      Tip: Eloqua Product Course - Eloqua 10: Insight for Analyzer


    The combination of Eloqua, a great organizational structure and the roll out of playbooks have helped us to:

    • Increase Sales Qualified Leads by 35%.
    • Grow subscription and conversion rates by 10–15%.
    • Improve collaboration between central and local teams in both sales and marketing.
    • Win the Best International Campaign (2014) Markie.

    More details can be found in our success story.

    What's next

    The roll-out schedule into other countries has caused us to make some quick decisions and to proceed while additional thinking time might have highly desirable. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more time on getting the basics right. Be that as it may - the experience probably has taught us even more and provide us valuable insights when we will take the next steps:

    • Further improve our deployment of Eloqua e.g. adjustments to data model and update of naming conventions for easy search and better insight from reporting perspective.
    • Redevelop the asset templates with functionality offered in the latest Eloqua releases.
    • Tweak our campaigns to better align to the Buyer's Journey.
      Tip: Talk to the Customer Success Team for valuable input!
    • Develop an advanced Preference Center which will help us better segment our incoming prospects making sure they get put into the right playbook.
      Tip: Eloqua Product Course - Eloqua 10: Custom Subscription Management
    • Roll out of Revenue Performance Management so we can get better insight into the key revenue drivers.
      Tip: Marketing Best Practices Course - Applied Best Practices: Leadership Metrics (WBT)

    Do you know the difference between a trip and a journey? A trip is the act of going to another place (often for a short period of time) and returning. And a journey is going from one place to another – usually a long distance.

    In our line of business, selling Online Business Software, we have seen a clear change in the way people buy software in the last few years. In our ambition to become a full web touch company we NEED to change our approach to marketing.

    A couple of years ago we made a clear decision to embark on a journey to transition from a Traditional Marketing to a Modern Marketing approach. In order to be equipped to start this journey we introduced the Oracle Marketing Cloud B2B Cross-Channel Marketing service (Eloqua) to our company to help accelerate the process.

    With 5 ‘travel tips’ I hope to help you plan your journey to becoming a Modern Marketer.

    Make sure you have an itinerary

    You will need to have a plan for your journey, especially a list of things you want to do.

    When we started to travel we did not have a clear plan which resulted in getting lost on numerous occasions. This resulted in a bad experiences and a considerably delay. There is one thing I learned during travelling is that no one likes to wait.

    While you are waiting it is good to sit down, take some rest and define what you want to do next. You should evaluate previous experiences (good and bad) and adjust the itinerary accordingly. In other words make sure you have a modern marketing strategy in place with clear milestones and evaluation points. This will help enjoy the ride!

    You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” ― Yogi Berra

    Get your Packing List ready

    Having a packing list will make sure you all the essentials to start the journey.

    The goal is not to make packing a nightmare. Our packing lists are our Marketing Playbooks which are developed in order to support our efforts in generating more impact with the marketing campaigns we roll out across all the countries where we offer our solution Exact Online.

    The Playbooks are created for specific target audiences and contain a complete ready-to-use Demand Generation campaign for all countries in order to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Some local flavor is added to the playbooks to make sure it will work in that specific country. All the playbooks are inline with Modern Marketing concepts.

    Our ‘packing lists’ help us roll out marketing campaigns in a consistent way across multiple countries giving us less stress and makes us confident that our ‘bags are correctly packed when travelling abroad’.

    Become a Person of Culture

    One of the most overwhelming reasons why you should travel is to broaden the awareness of other cultures.

    In order to appreciate your travels you need to learn and embrace cultures. To fully experience a culture you need to eat, sleep, and breathe the lifestyle. And yes, you will get a culture shock when you meet modern marketing people loving what they do. Experiencing this new modern marketing culture will shock you when you get in contact with these vibrant breed of marketers. But you should never be afraid because getting to know an entirely new culture is a tremendously exciting and liberating experience. And it teach you the valuable lesson that this world is a small place, and that despite our differences, we are all similar and interconnected.

    Where to go for your shots of Modern Marketing culture?

    Share your experiences

    Hearing about amazing travels from inspirational travelers inspire others to follow the same path and even to go beyond it.

    On this journey we made sure when shared our experiences, good and bad, with our close friends (co-workers) and other enthusiasts (marketers and partners) hoping they would also be inspired to join us on our path. We have clearly seen that sharing has helped us grow an understanding of Modern Marketing within our company but also allowed us to meet and greet some really other inspiring travellers.

    Joining the Oracle Marketing Cloud Advocate Program we hope to inspire and be inspired even more!

    Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” ― Vera Nazarian

    Don’t fly solo (at least not on this journey)

    While some journeys in life you need to do by yourselves some travels you need to do as a group.

    To make this journey to become a Modern Marketer a lasting success and one of the best trips of your life it is best make use three companions:

    • A great tour guide
      We are very fortunate to have a great tour guide (a.k.a. our Global Marketing Director) that shows us the way, makes sure that we keep to our itinerary and makes sure our enjoy and share the our adventures.
    • A great travel guide
      Making use of the Eloqua Education Services will definitely get you some great insights into the basics of Modern Marketing but also how to use the tools to support you in your daily routine. This travel guide is a must ‘read’ and will equip you with the right knowledge you will need during this journey.
    • A great travel agency
      Planning a trip is a time-consuming and complicated process. Travel agents simplify this process for their customers in addition to providing consultation services and entire travel packages. Talk to the people from the Marketing Cloud Success Program
      as they will support you on your journey towards modern marketing excellence.

    Hope these travel tips will help in your journey in becoming a Modern Marketer!

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