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20150407_103032_1.jpgModern Marketing Experience 2015 in Vegas was quite a learning experience for me.


As a curriculum developer, I greatly appreciated the wide variety of customer success stories with Oracle Marketing Cloud products, especially the behaviors of ‘super users’ who exemplify what it means to be a modern marketer. For instance, Tracy Kobzeff, Director of Product Marketing at eHarmony spoke at length about the multiple ways in which eHarmony leverages automated marketing emails. The personal nature of eHarmony’s business requires a highly customized marketing program that optimizes messaging and customers’ experiences. Another example was Sandy Viteri, Vice President of Marketing Operations at comScore, who shared her team’s experience in building an official Marketing Operations function to support their growing team (in brief, change management isn’t easy!). Although Tracy and Sandy’s stories are very different, they exemplify the breadth of presentation topics covered at MME 2015.


Besides the formal presentations, discussions with customers about products and practices were enlightening. Being surrounded by Marketing peers made it easy to talk shop anywhere and everywhere. As a presenter, some of the most valuable conversations I had took place during formal Q & A time, and afterward in one-on-one meetings in the conference room. Customers shared their experiences, needs, and hopes with my co-presenter Molly Parr, Director of Product Management for the Oracle DMP, and I. From these interactions, I learned a great deal more about customers’ visions of leveraging the Oracle DMP for their marketing programs.


I only wish that I was able to attend other Continuing Education sessions besides my own, so that I could have experienced similar discussions about other Oracle Marketing Cloud products. Luckily, Oracle users have made Topliners a great place to continue learning, spark discussion, and build relationships with peers.


With one MME now under my belt, I look forward to taking even greater advantage of the experience in 2016.

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