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The challenge

We had a new Inside Sales team and we needed to assess their performance through a short survey, completed by the customers.


The goals

The short term goal was to measure and improve the performance of the inside sales team using customer feedback. In the long term, this would improve inside sales effectiveness and lead quality.


Bench-marking and documentation

This was a new initiative and the results of this survey were bench-marked with results from other Sales teams. The process was documented in our project management platform as follows:

-Briefing with the Inside Sales team. Requirements were determined.

-A Weekly meeting about the state of the project was taking place and the further requests and feedback was logged on the project management platform

-The testing process was documented. This included tests from the automation team and also “real-life” tests by inside sales.

-A presentation of how the process works was provided and presented before project launch


Description of initiative


The new inside Sales team manager requested a solution that would allow collection of customer feedback without asking the customer for their email. The marketing automation team hosted a meeting with Inside Sales to clarify requirements and set objectives. The next action was a proposal from the Marketing Automation Lead.



The proposal included a new landing page with a survey, a new Eloqua Engage template with the landing page link, a new custom object, a program that was fed by the custom object and that wrote the survey feedback to Lead and Contact object in and two autosynchs that allowed Salesforce Contact IDs and Lead IDs to be stored in the Eloqua database.

The proposal exceeded the expectations since it included a fully automated solution that would allow Inside Sales to pull reports from their platform ( and not from Eloqua. So no exchange of data was needed.


Implementation Steps

1)     Landing page build: Short landing page with a rating section and a comments section

2)     Eloqua Engage template: A new Eloqua Engage template was created. Sending the survey through the Engage template made sure that the email was tracked by Eloqua so there was not need to ask the customer to enter their email. The email was needed to populate the custom object data with.

3)     Custom Object: The custom object saved the email, feedback score and comment information. At the same time, leveraging Custom Object Services, the CDO sent new data to the program that took care of the transfer of the data to contacts and leads.custom object services.png

4)     Program: The program took the data from the custom object and passed it through an integration event based on an external call that updated Lead or Contact with an Activity.




5)     Autosynchs: The Autosynchs were designed to bring information from to Eloqua. This helped the previous program to update Leads or Contacts in based on their Lead or Contact ID. The autosynchs were run every hour to make sure that the database is regularly updated.





Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy courses that influenced this initiative:

a) B2B: System integration

b) Eloqua 10: Program Builder Overview

c) B2B: Advanced Editing and Form processing

d) B2B: Effective marketing with Custom Objects

e) B2B: System Integration


Results – Impact to the Business

As mentioned before, this was a new initiative for the business and the Inside Sales were absolutely amazed by the capabilities of the platform. The final solution exceeded their initial expectations and this helped especially with the rest of the larger scale project that included alignment of Sales and Marketing functions.

The results were very good. The feedback was easy to report on from side, and the reports helped the Inside Sales to identify inefficiencies and develop a plan to improve customer experience. A key learning from this process was that the customers were very happy to reply to the survey and promptly provide feedback to the team since they considered this as a key element of a great customer experience. The overall feedback was excellent, above 95%.

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