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Our company never used digital marketing until last year.

Our company was extremely desired to challenge ourselves on digital marketing.

Where should we start with Digital Marketing?

As a first step, I will present our challenge on the seminar.


The Challenge


In the past seminars, there were the following challenges.


  • First, the participants of the seminar are not full.
  • Next, I could not identify prospective customers.
  • Third, I could not pass prospects to sales.




In implementing a digital marketing strategy, we set these goals for future seminars:


  • Seminars will be full
  • Nurture prospects and pass to sales.




We examined the situation of the implementation procedure of the seminar held in the past.

It was not a fixed way of doing.

We have prepared the procedure by applying past experiences and applying it to the typical implementation method in Eloqua.


1. Campaign Canvas


We thought that we needed to send invitation mails three to four times in order to make the seminar full.

We sent the first invitation mail one month before the seminar and decided to send an invitation mail every other week after that.

We will be able to send it 4 times.


As a process, I followed the typical example of Eloqua.

Segment Mail transmission

Seminar registration Mail transmission 2nd, 3rd Reminder email



It will be six processes called Thank you.


In the example of Eloqua's campaign canvas, ~ are registered in one campaign canvas and implementation is carried out.

However, since we did not have know-how through to ,

to another campaign canvas I registered and decided to proceed one by one while proceeding.


2. Customer object


The seminar is planned to be held once a month.

A case where one customer participates in multiple seminars is also assumed.

In order to set up scoring at each seminar, we decided to build and operate customer objects for each seminar.


3. Segment


For the first transmission, create a segment excluding those that were unregistered globally.

For the second transmission, the segment transmission excluding the customer who applied for it so far.

For the third transmission, it is sent to the segment excluding the customer who applied it so far.




We will create LANDING PAGE for input screen, LANDING PAGE for Thanks screen.

And create a FORM.


Input screen


Thanks screen





5. Scoring settings


In the profile, Title was divided into 5 stages.

Engagement was set with reference to best practices.

Since none of these measurements could be measured so far, it is useful as useful information.

I think that I can do it.





The Results


1st invitation I sent an e-mail.

Looking at the situation in a week, Mail opening, click through as shown in the table

Because the number of seminar registrations is about 25% of the target number full, the second invitation I decided to send mail.


The second time, in order to investigate the response status of the subject of e-mail,


A: Limited

B: Special invitation


Sent in the wording.


Because there were more B than A, we adopted B and continued to deliver mail.



The effect of sending mail was long, it was a week. Since then, there are no registrants at all, so we had to deliver the mail again.

After that, I repeated mail distribution four times a week, and it became full on the day before the seminar.

On the day before the seminar, we send a reminder mail to the seminar participants.

After the seminar, attendance data was added to the customer object by uploading data.

Segmented attendees and sent an email thank you for attending.


Custom Objects


About scoring, we are observing the situation.




I think that our company that never used digital marketing, was able to make a good evaluation as a result of using it for the first time.

We made the seminar full.

We were able to nurture prospects and pass leads to sales.

We have successfully held seminars, and we are also nurturing our customers.


Helpful Academy Courses:











Although it is only a part of the contents learned by these, I utilized it.

In addition, all the lectures attended were very good classes.

I would like to apply and apply the best practice method to our company in order from what seems to be highly effective.

Furthermore, I would like to explore various methods using Topliners.

Although I just started with basic usage, there are really so many things I want to do.

From now on, I will use Eloqua more and more and I would like to make an effect on business.

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