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How to: Continuously nurture leads with revolving marketing content


Marketing Challenge:

Lead nurturing is an evolving strategy that needs to coincide with changes in the market landscape and also needs to shift to accommodate newly developed marketing content and offers.  Lead nurturing should also try to avoid over emailing prospects and should be considered a secondary email strategy that compliments the more time sensitive email communications like local marketing event invitations and webinars.



Build a lead nurturing program that compliments other email initiatives like product releases, webinar and event invitations but doesn’t require any additional maintenance due to email rate concerns.  The program will always need to know if a user has been emailed recently.  In addition, build the lead nurturing program to allow for swappable content, the rearrangement of emails, and allow for new emails to be added or removed from the program, and also allow a new email or a series of emails to be added as the next emails all users will receive. 



Build a looping campaign that watches who is allowed to be in the campaign, what emails have been sent, verifies a contact hasn’t received another communication recently, has time control measures to determine the length to time between emails, and has an email assembly line to easily check and optimize the email flow.


The flowchart:




Things to Understand

  1. This program checks to see if a user has been sent an email before sending the email. This is to prevent users from receiving the same email.
  2. You can update the copy in any email.  As long as you don’t replace the email in the campaign with another email, this type of update won’t be considered a new email and a user that has already received this email not receive the newly updated email.
  3. If you want to add an email in front of another email, you just have to deactivate your campaign, break your flows and add the new emails where ever you want.
  4. You don’t have to have a welcome email.  If you don’t need it, just remove it from your flow.

Things to Determine

  1. Your Email cadence based on your content initiatives and strategy.  In the example above it uses 14 days between regular emails and also it waits 7 days if another email went out to a contact in the system.  It also uses a 14 day delay before the welcome email.
  2. Safe to Send Today Filter – Again this is based on your business.  The example uses filter criteria - contact has not received any email in the last 7 days.
  3. Allowed to be in Program Filter – This is another exclusion filter based on your business that kicks a user out of the lead nurturing program.
  4. If you run out of emails you can just hold the users until newer content gets created.  Once you have new content, you can just push those users back through.



With rising CPL acquisition rates, reducing unsubscribe rates and providing valuable content should be the goal for any Lead Nurturing Program.  Marketing should never just build campaigns in a silo without considering the ramifications of all Marketing Communications.  Knowing that marketing is always dealing with a changing market landscape its best to assume that unplanned communications will happen and those communications will need to go out regardless of what we thought was planned. By building smarter programs that embrace this paradigm, you as an organization can strive together as one team and one engine instead of working against each other because of unforeseen challenges.


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Bonus items to consider:

  • Wait Steps could be modified based on a Custom Preference Center and user email frequency settings
  • A filter could be added to the program to route users that meet a certain Consideration Stage lead score to a consideration stage email program

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