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I would greatly appreciate your inputs/suggestions on how to solve this request from my client.


On an import PO, we have expense profiles set-up based on Shipping Routes/Lading & Discharge Ports.


The expenses of course default to all Items on the Purchase Order.

Frequently, expedited shipping is required; my client prefers to add this expense @ PO level (i.e. $1000 flat) rather than charging expedited freight against each Item on the order.

With this said, any suggestions as to how I would set-up the cost component?

Do I first create a CVB for say, 'Total Expense - ExFreight'

Then create a new Cost Component of Total Expense by Country, using the above CVB, with a specific calculation basis.

Order Cost Basis = Order

Component Rate = $1000?


Would the above approach work or can someone recommend a better approach to solve this request?


Your input would be greatly appreciated!





Hi All,


As in Brand Compliance we can retrieve a single Product record’s details using the internal unique ID using the RESTful API. However, the internal unique product id is not visible in the UI.


Could anyone please help me out how can we retrieve the internal unique product id for product or where can I view the unique id?


Thanks and Regards,


Hi ,


I am not able to find any information on the Bug reference quoted by Oracle Bug_ID 29007356 . This is reported on the ORBC platform 17.0.11 where the reports are not being executed. Have any one has seen this Bug?

Post-Session OIC2018_ORUG 20180418 v1.png

Post-Session Sep_19-20_ORUG@ORIF 20170920 v1.png

Version- RMS V13.2.6

Using Retail method of accounting


After the stock counts from previous fiscal month are posted after month close we are seeing some large numbers in month data for stock take bookstock retail.


These calculations from my understanding comes from daily data aggregation based on the date parameter.


For example - a subclass-location level , there was never opening stock more than $500 in retail. Somehow after the stock daily batch ran and bookstock retail was overstated by alot ($6700).. this location/subclass never had much activity to account for that bigger stock take bookstock retail.


I was wondering if there's a patch/bug fix for this problem.




Oracle Retail Users Group 2017 In Person Meeting

  • Joint Planning and Supply Chain SIG
  • Merchandising SIG


September 26-29, 2017
Oracle Office, Minneapolis, MN


We are excited to announce the reconvening of  the Oracle Retail Users Group Meeting for the Joint Planning & Supply Chain and the Merchandising SIG.


We are architecting a schedule that will allow you to participate in the days that are most relevant to you. We welcome your colleagues to join you as appropriate.


Four key sessions will be held based on the solution area.


  • September 26 -  Focus on Planning, Optimization & Science
  • September 27 - Focus on Supply Chain
  • September 28 - Focus on Merchandising
  • September 29 - Focus on Merchandising


Don't miss this great opportunity for networking with your fellow Retailers and best practice sharing. For reference, materials from last year’s face to face meeting can be accessed through the RACK --> Event Proceedings --> ORUG.


If you would like to receive an invitation for this event, please contact the respective SIG leaders or Oracle CMO.

Check out the detailed blog post on our Planning and Optimization learning subscription launch.


Participate in customer-driven discussions, providing an opportunity for users to network and share information. The agenda will include the opportunity to discuss current topics of importance in Omni-Channel, Stores and Commerce -


Breakout Session #1 - will focus on Omni-channel related topics and will start off with a roundtable discussion on the omni-channel landscape. Other topics that had been of interest and would be used as discussion points depending on members/attendees interest - Consumer Data Across Channels, Omni Inventory Capabilities, Omni-Channel operations/labor and staffing models to support additional digital capabilities in-store, international challenges and emerging markets; integrated payment. This session will also include an overview of the Retail Learning Subscription.


Breakout Session #2 - Stores-focused topics include Xstore and SIM roundtable; Integration and Migration feedback/challenges; Continued EMV Journey, Mobility In-Store, RFID; and the movement of POS hardware to smaller footprint devices.


Breakout Session #3 - Oracle Commerce knowledge-sharing and open discussion based on group feedback in earlier meetings.


The session will wrap-up with discussion on upcoming schedule and topics for Commerce SIG / Omni-Channel SIG / Stores SIG calls and face to face meetings.

Learn from your Merchandising and Fashion SIG peers – knowledge sharing, best practices and a valuable networking opportunity for a roundtable discussion of current topics of importance -

  • RMS
  • RPM
  • Version Upgrades – Thoughts and Processes
  • Oracle Retail Learning Subscription
  • Additional topics relevant to Fashion and Department store retailers


We will also look ahead to future product enhancement needs by addressing your current functionality concerns and industry needs.

  • What current functionality concerns are Oracle retailers facing?
  • What future functionality requests are on the minds Oracle retailers?


We will wrap the session with an open forum discussing upcoming schedule and topics for Merchandising SIG / Fashion SIG calls and face to face meetings.

Join us for lively roundtable, networking discussions aimed at addressing the Planning & Optimization and Supply Chain challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. These conversations will include:


  • Welcome, Introductions and Goals
  • Year In Review
  • Taking the Pulse of Retailer Projects and Priorities
  • Looking Forward: v16 and beyond
  • Oracle Retail Learning Subscription
  • “Blue Sky” Exercise: Oracle apps…
  • MFP Roundtable
  • RDF Roundtable
  • Open Mic with Bill, Chris, Marc and Mike


We will wrap the session with an open forum discussing upcoming schedule and topics for Planning & Optimization SIG / Supply Chain SIG calls and face to face meetings.

Agenda Details: Oracle Retail Users Group Meetings at OIC 2017 on Monday, March 20 starting at 8:30am


8:00am to 9:00am

ORUG Board Meeting (ORUG Board and SIG Leaders)

8:30am to 9:00am


9:00am to 10:30am

Breakout Session #1




10:45am to 12:15pm

Breakout Session #2




12:15pmto 1:30pm

Networking Lunch

1:30pm to 3:00pm

Breakout Session #3




3:00pm to 4:00pm

Reception: ORUG State of the Union


Break (prepare for OIC Welcome Reception)



Learn more about Oracle industry Connect - Retail Program Agenda

OIC 2017-RetailProgramAgenda picture.PNG

The top 5 reasons to participate Oracle Industry Connect for Retail are:


  • For Retailers, by Retailers

Delivered by retailers, for retailers, our program features more than 30 retailer speakers of all scopes and sizes to focus on anticipating market changes, simplifying operations, and empowering your team to inspire authentic brand experiences.


  • Relationship-Building

Networking opportunities for all tastes—from early-morning runs to topical lunches to late-night snacks and cocktails—you'll have unprecedented access to retail executives, implementation partners, and Oracle Retail experts from around the world.


  • Oracle Retail Release 16

Release 16 takes our Commerce Anywhere strategy to a whole new level of Empowered Commerce. Our investment represents input from more than 200 retailers, 100,000 days of R&D investment, and 10 new cloud solutions. Oracle Industry Connect is the best opportunity to connect with Oracle's strategy team and assess the ROI of Release 16.


  • Cloud-First Strategy

Based on a recent report, 26 percent of the retail IT software spend in 2016 will be on cloud solutions (60 percent of ecommerce, 53 percent of BI/analytics). If you're ready to start that conversation, Oracle Industry Connect is the premier event to learn about our more than 30 cloud solutions and begin defining a plan to move your applications and infrastructure to the cloud.


  • Innovation and Execution Across the Ecosystem

Connect with implementation partners from around the world and learn how their latest innovations in delivery can help you reduce implementation costs and total cost of ownership. Find out how our partner ecosystem empowers customer success.



Oracle Retail Welcomes Don Labs to the Sales Leadership Team

Don Labs.jpg

Oracle is thrilled to welcome Don Labs as the Group Vice President of North America Retail Sales for Oracle Retail.


"Oracle Retail is focused on helping retailers address their most critical business goals through Empowered Commerce. We look forward to applying Don's enterprise and cloud expertise to our leadership team," said Ray Carlin (SVP & GM, Oracle Retail)