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Oracle Retail Users Group (ORUG)

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The ORUG hosted in-person pre-conference networking sessions at Oracle Industry Connect. The workshops began at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, April 11, 2016. The ORUG community also sponsored the roadmap sessions at the event. We also had a best practice luncheon on Tuesday, April 12 featuring various topics of importance, and the state of the union on Wednesday, April 13.


ORUG Booth with Bill.JPG

ORUG Booth @Connect Zone



Pre-conference Networking Sessions


ORUG Breakfast ArMand Intro2 v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - ArMand Nelson (ORUG President)


ORUG Breakfast Bill PlanningSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Bill Boezinger (Planning & Optimization SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Bryan StoresSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Bryan Podgorny (Stores SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Chad CommerceSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Chad Petersen (Commerce SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Keith OmniSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Keith Costello (Omni-Channel SIG Lead)

ORUG Breakfast Miles FashionSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Miles Thomas (Fashion SIG Lead)