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Check out the detailed blog post on our Planning and Optimization learning subscription launch.


Participate in customer-driven discussions, providing an opportunity for users to network and share information. The agenda will include the opportunity to discuss current topics of importance in Omni-Channel, Stores and Commerce -


Breakout Session #1 - will focus on Omni-channel related topics and will start off with a roundtable discussion on the omni-channel landscape. Other topics that had been of interest and would be used as discussion points depending on members/attendees interest - Consumer Data Across Channels, Omni Inventory Capabilities, Omni-Channel operations/labor and staffing models to support additional digital capabilities in-store, international challenges and emerging markets; integrated payment. This session will also include an overview of the Retail Learning Subscription.


Breakout Session #2 - Stores-focused topics include Xstore and SIM roundtable; Integration and Migration feedback/challenges; Continued EMV Journey, Mobility In-Store, RFID; and the movement of POS hardware to smaller footprint devices.


Breakout Session #3 - Oracle Commerce knowledge-sharing and open discussion based on group feedback in earlier meetings.


The session will wrap-up with discussion on upcoming schedule and topics for Commerce SIG / Omni-Channel SIG / Stores SIG calls and face to face meetings.

Learn from your Merchandising and Fashion SIG peers – knowledge sharing, best practices and a valuable networking opportunity for a roundtable discussion of current topics of importance -

  • RMS
  • RPM
  • Version Upgrades – Thoughts and Processes
  • Oracle Retail Learning Subscription
  • Additional topics relevant to Fashion and Department store retailers


We will also look ahead to future product enhancement needs by addressing your current functionality concerns and industry needs.

  • What current functionality concerns are Oracle retailers facing?
  • What future functionality requests are on the minds Oracle retailers?


We will wrap the session with an open forum discussing upcoming schedule and topics for Merchandising SIG / Fashion SIG calls and face to face meetings.

Join us for lively roundtable, networking discussions aimed at addressing the Planning & Optimization and Supply Chain challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. These conversations will include:


  • Welcome, Introductions and Goals
  • Year In Review
  • Taking the Pulse of Retailer Projects and Priorities
  • Looking Forward: v16 and beyond
  • Oracle Retail Learning Subscription
  • “Blue Sky” Exercise: Oracle apps…
  • MFP Roundtable
  • RDF Roundtable
  • Open Mic with Bill, Chris, Marc and Mike


We will wrap the session with an open forum discussing upcoming schedule and topics for Planning & Optimization SIG / Supply Chain SIG calls and face to face meetings.