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I would greatly appreciate your inputs/suggestions on how to solve this request from my client.


On an import PO, we have expense profiles set-up based on Shipping Routes/Lading & Discharge Ports.


The expenses of course default to all Items on the Purchase Order.

Frequently, expedited shipping is required; my client prefers to add this expense @ PO level (i.e. $1000 flat) rather than charging expedited freight against each Item on the order.

With this said, any suggestions as to how I would set-up the cost component?

Do I first create a CVB for say, 'Total Expense - ExFreight'

Then create a new Cost Component of Total Expense by Country, using the above CVB, with a specific calculation basis.

Order Cost Basis = Order

Component Rate = $1000?


Would the above approach work or can someone recommend a better approach to solve this request?


Your input would be greatly appreciated!