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Oracle Retail has published Release Value Propositions (RVP) to My Oracle Support addressing the upcoming release of Oracle Retail 16.0 applications. These documents provide an overview of features and enhancements that are planned for Release 16.0 of Oracle Retail. They are intended solely to help retailers and partners assess the business benefits of upgrading to Oracle Retail Release 16.0 and to plan information technology projects and investments.


Oracle Retail 16.0 Release Value Propositions (Doc ID 2178140.1)


h2. New SVP & GM Ray Carlin to Lead Oracle Retail

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“Oracle Retail serves a phenomenal community of retailers of all sizes, geographies, and segments. We have an outstanding breadth and depth of capabilities within our solutions and services,” says Carlin. “I am impressed by the quality and domain expertise of the talent within Oracle Retail and I look forward to our continued focus on our customer success.”</p></td></tr></tbody></table

The ORUG hosted in-person pre-conference networking sessions at Oracle Industry Connect. The workshops began at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, April 11, 2016. The ORUG community also sponsored the roadmap sessions at the event. We also had a best practice luncheon on Tuesday, April 12 featuring various topics of importance, and the state of the union on Wednesday, April 13.


ORUG Booth with Bill.JPG

ORUG Booth @Connect Zone



Pre-conference Networking Sessions


ORUG Breakfast ArMand Intro2 v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - ArMand Nelson (ORUG President)


ORUG Breakfast Bill PlanningSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Bill Boezinger (Planning & Optimization SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Bryan StoresSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Bryan Podgorny (Stores SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Chad CommerceSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Chad Petersen (Commerce SIG Lead)


ORUG Breakfast Keith OmniSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Keith Costello (Omni-Channel SIG Lead)

ORUG Breakfast Miles FashionSIG v2.jpg

ORUG State of the Union - Miles Thomas (Fashion SIG Lead)