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German artist Mirja Wellman is busy building her masterpiece. You still have time to show your artistic flare and contribute to her work. Stop by the OTN Lounge to draw shapes on the OTN mobile app, those images are then uploaded to the Oracle Cloud and transferred to CNC machines to be downloaded and cut into your unique design. This is available today until 5 pm and 2 pm tomorrow. You will also walk away with your own version of the shape.


Stop by the OTN Lounge to get your sticker. For each selfie posted with the sticker and hashtag #DevelopersRule Oracle will donate $10 to Girls Who Code. Lets make a difference!


Oracle ACE Dinner #OOW16

Posted by Pabloc-Oracle Sep 19, 2016

This annual dinner congregates all Oracle ACEs around the world who attend Oracle Open World in San Francisco.

It's a fabulous moment to celebrate and of course to have a lot of chat.


If you are an @oracleace and you joined us at ACE dinner at #OOW16, take a look at yourself here below:







WIT Panel and Reception
Sunday, September 18 OTN Lounge Moscone South

3:00 - 3:30 pm WIT Panel, 3:30 - 4:00 WIT Meet and Greet


Oracle Technology Network comprises the highest technical expertise in the industry. Between the innovations being built around the Java Technology, to the open source community contributions made in the MySQL community, the Internet of Things and the traditional database technologies, Oracle technologists are driving innovation that is changing the world.


So it's no surprise that this rich community would have so many brilliant and ingenious women in its midst.


This year at Oracle OpenWorld, the OTN community is pleased to recognize these contributors at the OTN Lounge.


Join the Oracle WIT community space! It's a place to share your knowledge, technical resources and engage with other women throughout the Oracle technical community. Make sure to include #OTNWIT with posts you'd like to share!

Image result for oracle ask tom

ASK Tom, Sunday September 18, 3:30 - 4 pm PT, OTN Lounge Moscone South

The AskTom team will be at OpenWorld this year, and we'd love you to come up, say "Hello", join us for a beverage, and even bring along those questions and problems that are perhaps frustrating you at work.  Just don't be surprised, when you pause for breath after your loquacious vigor, if we ask you to tell us all of it again, slowly and carefully.  Chances are you will answer your own question simply by doing this.  And if not, we’ll be that much more capable of lending some assistance. See you at OpenWorld!

The US Tennis Open in New York has come to a close. There is a lot of technology that comes into play to not only host a worldwide event like this but also to make champions. Oracle's OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco will have some exciting news and events that too will demonstrate how IT Champions are built. To learn more check out this blog post.


ACE Program Kiosk

OTN Lounge Moscone South Upper Lobby
September 18-22
10:30 am – 5 pm (until 2 pm on Thursday)


Oracle ACE Program recognizes prominent advocates. Come by the Kiosk in the OTN Lounge to

  • Learn how to become an Oracle ACE
  • Gain community recognition for sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Advance your career and network with like-minded peers


Click here to learn more about the Oracle ACE Program!


**Don't forget to check out the Oracle ACE Sessions that lists 100+ sessions that will be presented by an Oracle ACE, ACE Associate or ACE Director.**

Daily Activities in OTN Lounge - September 18th to 22nd

Moscone South Upper Lobby

Activities run - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


HearingNest Community Art Experience
Show off your artistic flare at the HearingNest community art experience, created by German artist Mirja Wellman. Attendees can draw shapes on the OTN mobile app, and those images are then uploaded to the Oracle Cloud and transferred to CNC machines to be downloaded and cut into your unique design.


OTN Coffee Cloud Service
Attendees grab a cup of the best coffee in the OTN Lounge. Watch baristas serve coffee using a Raspberry Pi and Java. Chat with them about anything related to Oracle University and OTN. Learn more at

IoT Workshop
Interact with your fellow attendees at the IoT Workshop. Get your own wi-fi micro microcontroller and connect it to Oracle IoT Cloud Service. OTN is partnering with the AppsLab, the OAUX emerging technologies team to make this happen. Learn more about them here -

Download the app here.


Make Your Own Shirt
Stop by and design your own OTN shirt. See some of the new designs available this year below.