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OTN at Oracle OpenWorld

10 Posts authored by: Laura Engin

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The Oracle Technology Network and Pythian are sponsoring the Oracle Bloggers Meetup 2015, Wednesday October 28 5:30 p.m. at the main dining room, Jillian's @ Metreon. All blogger community participants are invited.

The venue includes drinks, social stuff including an app. We encourage you to wear "vintage" meetup gear such as t-shirts, ties, or bandannas.

The Bloggers Meetup during Oracle OpenWorld was started by Mark Rittman and continued by Eddie Awad, and then continued by Alex Gorbachev in 2009. The meetups have been a great success for making new friends and catching up with the old, so let’s keep them this way! To give you an idea, here are the photos from the OOW08 Bloggers Meetup (courtesy of Eddie Awad) and OOW09 meetup blog post update from Alex Gorbachev , and a super cool video by a good blogging friend, Bjorn Roest from OOW13.

While the initial meetings were mostly targeted to Oracle database folks, guys and gals from many Oracle technologies — Oracle database, MySQL, Apps, Sun technologies, Java and more join in the fun. All bloggers are welcome. Last year we crossed 150 attendees and we hope to surpass this number for 2015!

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ACE Program Kiosk, October 26-29, 10-5 (until 2 pm on Thursday)

Oracle ACE Program Recognizes prominent advocates. Come by the Kiosk in the OTN Lounge to

  • Learn how to become an Oracle ACE
  • Gain community recognition for sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Advance your career and network with like-minded peers


Click here to learn more about the Oracle ACE Program!


**Don't forget to check out the Oracle ACE Sessions that lists 149 session that will be presented by an Oracle ACE, ACE Associate or ACE Director.**



YesSQL Celebration and Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards [CON10770]


Steven Feuerstein, Oracle Developer Advocate for PL/SQL, Oracle

Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies, Oracle


At our second-annual YesSQL celebration, Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president of Database Server Technologies at Oracle, regales us with stories of Oracle’s past, present, and future. Steven Feuerstein announces the winners (chosen through popular vote) of the first-ever Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards. Attendees then have an opportunity to share a light meal with members of the development teams for SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Application Express, Oracle REST Data Services, Oracle SQL Developer, and more.


Monday, October 26, 4:00 p.m. Park Central—Metropolitan III


Click here for Session info and to Register


Community Kiosk, October 26-29, 10-5 Daily (Thursday until 2 pm)

Learn about the Oracle Technology Network Community Platform, and get a preview of the new badges that are coming soon! Get answers to questions, network with peers, and be rewarded for your expertise in the Oracle Community. Rewards are buttons that they will get based on what activity they do that look like the new badges they will get online.

The community kiosk will be staffed by one of our general community leads moniquevdb-Oracle, sonyabarry-Oracle, or snaugle-Oracle. We will be happy to take your feedback and answer questions about the platform. In addition, you can meet your community manager at the dates and times at OTN Lounge Community Platform Kiosk Schedule


Let us know you are coming - OTN Kick Off Event

Have you been searching the Oracle OpenWorld content catalog trying to decide which sessions to add to your schedule?

We suggest you spend some time looking over the Oracle ACE sessions that lists all 149 sessions that will be presented by an Oracle ACE, ACE Associate or ACE Director.


Participants of the Oracle ACE Program are recognized for frequently sharing their technical insight, knowledge, and real world experience with the Oracle Community. We hope this handy list saves you some time preparing your session schedule and gives you some more time to think about what kind of cool t-shirt you are going to design while you're hanging out in the OTN Lounge.


Since the recent expansion of Oracle PaaS Services members of the Oracle ACE program and other community thought leaders have been busy working with, exploring, and generating content about these new services. The new OTN Cloud Hour series of special events in the OTN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld offers the opportunity for you to engage with some of these experts in an intimate, small-audience setting to learn from short presentations and group discussion. OTN will present one Cloud Hour event from 11:00am-12:00pm each day during OpenWorld (Monday, October 26 through Thursday, October 29).


Cloud Hour Agenda


  • Monday Oct 26, 2015 (click to register)
    • 11:00 am PT - Session 1 - Alex Gorbachev, Database
      Oracle Cloud Database Services - From the CTO's Point of View
      Alex Gorbachev presents an overview of Cloud Services technology --examining how the Oracle Database Cloud Services (and Oracle's Cloud strategy in general) technology "plays" in the bigger IT framework.

    • 11:30 am PT - Session 2 - Bjoern Rost, Oracle ACE Director
      Why You Want to Use Oracle Database Cloud Service
      Bjoern Rost walks through his installation experience with Oracle DB Cloud Services and then plays a few rounds of "Break it & Restore" using Oracle data management tools and techniques.


  • Tuesday Oct  27, 2015 (click to register)
    • 11:00 am PT - Session 1 - Erik Benner
      Database backups and recovery via the Oracle Cloud
      Learn how the Oracle cloud can be used to backup and recover databases using RMAN, the defacto standard for Oracle backups. Discuss how this solves the backup problem for both smaller IT organizations and larger Enterprises that use systems (like the ODA) that are deployed to remote locations.

    • 11:30 am PT - Session 2 - Erik Benner

Disaster Recovery, no Server, no problem!
Looking for a disaster recovery solution that does not require the purchase of dedicated servers? In this session you will learn how you can leverage the Oracle Cloud to provide Disaster recovery options for your Oracle database AND application servers using a mix of DBaaS, IaaS or PaaS technologies


UX in Cloud Development
It is now possible to create a great user experience that will make both your users and developers efficient, effective and happy using the design patterns and RDK that were developed by the Oracle UX team. The patterns are easily implemented in ADF and MAF. There are widgets, page fragments and other software pieces you can reuse to speed up development without compromising the user experience. In this session you can find out how to apply this to PaaS.

    • 11:30 am PT - Session 2 - Debra Lilley, Oracle ACE Director
      UX and Paas4SaaS
      To extend SaaS you need to be able to move both navigation and data, between SaaS & PaaS, action your extension and continue your process in SaaS. The ever increasing PaaS portfolio offers many options but customers using SaaS have bought into the enhanced User Experience, so any extending of the product has to match this or you are simply wrecking what they have bought into. Can PaaS give us this as well? Come find out.


The OTN Lounge is located in the lobby of Moscone South. Seating for these exclusive sessions is extremely limited, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sunday to Wednesday 10:30 am - 5 pm

Make Your Own Shirt
This year attendees get a chance to make the OTN shirt truly their own.


Graffiti Wall

Fusing interactive technology with street art, the LCD Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like the real thing. Paint palette options, resizable stencils, stickers, nozzle selections, drips and splatters — it's all there. Guests simply pick up one of the specially designed digital spray cans and try out their skills on the wall. If they really get into the art, there's even an option to share via social media or email.


Giant Games
Oversized chess pieces and tumbling towers.

Oracle RAC Attack 12c [CON10157] - ADD to Schedule Builder today! 

October 25th, Sunday 10am to 1pm - OTN Lounge, Moscone South Upper Lobby
As a system administrator, developer or DBA this is the perfect workshop to start Openworld 2015 on User Group Sunday. In this workshop, you get the opportunity to install an Oracle RAC 12c cluster using Oracle Virtualbox on your laptop and get coached by Oracle RAC experts, ACEs and ACE Directors. Whether have or haven't installed Oracle RAC 12c before, you will enjoy this hands-on experience, and can ask for help on any step on the way or discuss your experiences with other experts. Please note that participants are required to use their own laptop with recommended specification of any 64 bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box, 8GB RAM and 45GB free HDD space. Make sure to add this to your schedule - Oracle RAC Attack 12c [CON10157]


Vote today! You have until October 15 to determine the winner from finalists chosen by ACE judges. Categories for 2015: SQL, PL/SQL, ORDS, Application Express, DB Design. Awards will be on Tuesday, October 27 @OOW. Visit to vote today!