The new Women in the Workplace initiative launched by Sheryl Sandberg is compelling. This fledgling cultural initiative is based on findings from a new study from McKinsey & Company entitled "Women in the Workplace".  I opened it with enthusiasm and hope that the "report card" would show some encouraging notes.


But like all studies about bringing equality to the workplace, it focuses on the "tragedy of the women who are not receiving a fair employment experience". It's chocked full of disappointing percentages on salary, promotions, and success. In fact, if you compare this study to most in the past, it's almost the exact same diagnosis.


But after watching the Women in the Workplace Event and hearing Sheryl Sandberg's thoughtful and creative suggestions, it occurred to me: Gender bias is a huge obstacle to something so much more fulfilling in the workplace or anywhere else. Diversity and Harmony.


[VIDEO] Replay of Women in Workplace Event - WSJ                 [PAGE] Women in Workplace Study


So I re-read the report from the angle of Diversity (Gender, Racial, Economic). And found this wonderful tidbit buried in the last pages:


"We see emerging evidence that certain diversity practices lead to important benefits: women and men are more likely to think their companies provide equal opportunities to learn and grow when leaders are held accountable for gender diversity, hiring and promotions are impartial, and companies embrace diverse work styles. Moreover, employees are more likely to report higher levels of engagement."


How do we collaborate to seize this opportunity? Any ideas on:


  • Making a compelling argument for diversity
  • Focusing on accountability and results


Let's start with comments. What are your observations?