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Absolutely Loving this book: The Art of Tough. It's a good addition to my library.


Barbara Boxer came to  Oracle Headquarters on Wednesday, November 9th. The interview with Oracle Co-President Mark Hurd was bright, and quite serious. It was the morning after the presidential election. She was composed, and talked tough about a few things. Here's my notes from the session (unedited).






Interesting article here:


6 Tips for Cracking the Glass Ceiling -- Forbes Voice, November 16, 2016


It's great to see more on mentorship, integrating your strengths with your job and practical advice from C-level execs.

And yet, there's a bigger idea here.  I would add:


  • Active participation in online forums and groups allows women to expand beyond geographical boundaries aimed at the creation of an inclusive, global culture in technology.


What would you add?


I have put together a website containing all the papers I have presented at the OpenWorld conference in the last ten years.
It is found here:
As I am retiring as Oracle ACE Director (might not be permanent), I wanted to ensure it was not all lost.
I am still happy to run webinars for interested user groups.
A listing of them can be found here: