Last week Oracle hosted a Women in Technology luncheon during the Oracle CODE developer event in Los Angeles. It was challenging to openly admit that we all are subject to Gender bias. But during the course of the conversation, tips for transforming gender bias into personal success and leadership opportunity came out. We also talked about how to build allies in your career. moving beyond just mentoring to actually investing in professional relationships. We talked about the definition of success and how to make sure it is not confused with approval seeking. And before we knew it, we were at the best part: 3 things we know now that we wish we had known back then.


Here's a great article from Forbes Voice by Alexa Morales summarizing the panel with a link to the panel session:


Do First, Ask Later: Inspiring Advice From Women Tech Leaders


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Oracle will be hosting several Women in Technology events during the Oracle Code developer tour in 2018. We're looking forward to another informative and challenging panel discussion on Thursday March 8 at Oracle CODE NYC on
International Women's Day.