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  • What should I do first?
    Welcome to Oracle Community! Click "Join This Group" in the banner. Then you can watch our welcome videos, introduce yourself, find a product space to ask a question, or get started earning your first badge.

  • I have a product question. How do I find my product space?
    You can search from the welcome page (see "Search for a place to ask a product question"), use the mega-nav (arrow at top left) to navigate, or visit the Places search pane. Note that your first post will be moderated.

  • How can I change my display name?

  • How do I earn my first badge?
    We have a number of badges for taking your first actions on the community -- visit the Reputation tab of your profile to see what you have earned and what's available for you to earn next. We also have an onboarding mission called Welcome Aboard that will kick-start you to the Explorer level with 500 points! To read the rules, go here.

  • I have another question about how to use the community.
    Review our FAQ and our Etiquette Guide, then ask your question here by Clicking this link.

  • Is there more community information anywhere?
    Yes! Visit our FAQ space for frequently asked questions, or read our illustrated user guide.