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Status and Points displayed in our account drop down.

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Following this other recently created Idea (Good to have points to next level under the "Reputation" tab)

I personally find that Idea quite limiting, in that it is asking for the information to be given in a place that is buried away inside the reputation tab within the profile, and is therefore several clicks away from us, I can appreciate that people like to see this information about themselves so I propose a different idea (that's not saying that that idea should be negated, it's still valid)


When viewing the forums, it's quite easy to see anybody's status, points and "me in 3" by hovering over their username if they have posted on a thread, but unless we have posted ourselves, it's not so easy to just see the same information about our own account, without delving into the profile (or in the case of the "points to next level" only if we get a certain type of post in our inbox).


The one thing that is visible to us regardless of where we are in the community, is our own avatar and username at the top of the screen with it's drop down details and options list.


Therefore this idea is to propose that that drop down is expanded to include the details we can see by hovering over any members username within posts e.g. to include the points, points to next level, current status and, if people think it's a good idea, the "me in 3" too.


For example, something like this:




Then, regardless of where a member is, if they're interested in taking a quick look at their status and points, it's just a single click away, and it doesn't involve leaving the screen they are on.

(I haven't included the "me in 3" in the example screenshot but that could also be included)


Maybe even clicking in this section of the drop down could then take the member straight to their Reputation tab in their profile.


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