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Highlight liked posts in a thread

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This idea isn't about rewarding anybody for "likes", but rather for allowing people to see the most liked posts in a thread, which I think could be beneficial for people looking through some of the more lengthy threads so that they can spot posts of interest.


Currently, the system takes any "correct" answer and shows that underneath the question, quite correctly showing the response deemed most correct by the OP along with the question.  However, we frequently have other responses that provide valuable answers or alternatives (some of which may get marked as "Helpful" and are similarly indicated at the top of the thread).


"Likes" are clearly not as important as the "Correct" or "Helpful" posts in many cases, though the correct/helpful ones are determined by the OP of the thread, whereas the "Likes" are determined by the general community reading the thread.  At present the likes are just shown against each post as a nondescript piece of text:




I propose that the more a post is liked the more the likability should be highlighted.  I guess this could be represented in different ways (I'm open to suggestions)... but I was thinking about the existing little "thumbs up" graphic could perhaps increase in boldness and/or size the more a post is liked (up to a certain limit - e.g. 10+ likes).  Maybe the background colour behind the "Like" word could go from white, up through a gradual change of colours (light grey for a single like, up to e.g. strong green for the well liked posts etc.)


Obviously we don't want to detract from the correct and helpful, so restricting this highlighting to just the area around the "Like" part is perhaps appropriate rather than any suggestion to highlight the whole of the post.


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