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Flag out-of-date content as no longer correct

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A few times recently, I've been looking for information in various Topliners community groups  and found a "Correct" answer, or blog post with disabled comments, which is a few years old and now incorrect and out of date. It's not always possible to post a follow-up comment to inform anyone else following me and looking for he same information,, that it's not right any more. In one case, where the blog post was created by an Oracle account, I was able to mention it to someone from OMC that I could message, and they were able to get it updated, but had I not been messaged by them in the first place, I wouldn't have been able to do this either.


The ability to flag apparently accurate information as no longer accurate would be very useful. Perhaps something like the "Report Abuse" mechanic, where a message can be entered for moderators and/or the original poster to review, where the reporter can add details about either what is inaccurate or what the new correct version should be, and this could then be either used to update the original now-inaccurate post, or add a reply to the content which indicates that there is now updated information since that time. (And how about a badge for reports acted upon - Agent of Change! - but not just for making the report, so as to not encourage abuse.)


I'm sure I can't be the only person who has to explore digital archaeology from time to time looking for information?


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