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Award Points and Badge for having read each FAQ

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A common problem is people not reading the community (or other FAQ's) on the community or in the product spaces, so often we get poor questions, or people not knowing about marking things as answered, correct or helpful etc.


Dude's idea (Inbox Bulletin Board) is based around the principle of providing links 'in yer face' for people so that they can see actions or things that are relevant that they may not have known about.


I'd like to expand on that by suggesting that the community award a 'one time per FAQ' badge with some nominal amount of points (let's say 20 points) that get awarded to someone when they visit each of the relevant FAQ links on the community.  That will hopefully get a few more people actually reading the FAQ's (after all, people seem very quick to realise they can earn points and keen to boost their status - not sure where they find that from as novices hehe!) and even if they don't actually read the FAQ it will be recorded against their profile that they've visited it, so they will have no excuse of "I haven't read the FAQ" to use when they don't adhere to it.


So, in summary, this idea is about incentivising the reading of FAQ's on the community.


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