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Enhance Lead Scoring - Improve filtering

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Something we'd find very useful is a filter in which we combine two fields in a lead score model.  We would find this extremely valuable in order to have a more effective lead score and avoid making numerous lead scores for various scenarios.


In the Lead Score models, you can only chose 1 attribute at the time and award points for it.  It would be useful to be able to assign points to a 'filter' or combination to provide a better score. We have the situation where different regions may use different fields for the same thing.  Although we've combined and integrated as much as possible on a global level we do have some differences.


For example, In one region there is a field 'Position', in the other regions ‘Job Level’. It means it will be very hard to design a model that will allow anybody to reach 100% of the available score because you can only award points for those contacts that have the field ‘Position’ in a list of specific values and assign points for those with ‘Job Level’ with a list of specific values. The result is that contacts will miss out on points for Job Level and other regions’ contacts will miss out on the points for Position.


Another use case is if some fields are coming from third party sources, for example, Company information from Dun & Bradstreet and company info from a European sources similar to Dun&Bradstreet, that may have different values.  We could use both fields and use criteria to award full points for those contacts that that have values for one field and/or  a different value in another field that are somewhat comparable between regions.


Is this something that may have been looked into previously?



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