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add FINALLY key word

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I often face the problem that I Open a cursor and this could fail (e.g. with no rows returned)

But I'd lke the close of this cursor to be executed any way.


Currently I have to write the close statement twice: once in the "happy path" and again in the EXCEPTION block. This also implies that I need an exception bblock just for closing the cursor.


Please add the FINALLY key word.


Allow the FINALLY key word in front of a single statement to ensure that this statement is executed even when an exception occured before within this procedure/function. This may be coupled with the CLOSE key word.

Multiple FINALY (CLOSE) statements should be allowed within a block.


Alternatively add the FINALLY keyword as a part of an PL/SQL block just like EXCEPTION where I can place statements that should be executed even if an exception has been raised





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