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How about including names for the tasks in Welcome Aboard mission instruction

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Many newbies will be confused in completing Welcome Aboard mission!


Although we have clear instructions how to do it still they are confused .

Welcome Aboard! Mission


I feel most of the  times they will not know what all tasks they have completed because  .


So my idea is to include task name with the instruction .


For example


started.PNGOnce I  join the social group ,in reputation tab it will show as joiner.PNG


So If  we can say it like this


Join the  Getting Started social group - Joiner in OTN


They may get an clear idea  by name what task they have completed .


It will show just like this ,




So once they visit reputation tab they will get an clear idea they have completed Join the Getting Started social group  .It will be easy to identify by name .


Likewise for 

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