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Consolidate XML related spaces

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Putting this out there for discussion and as an Idea to consolidate the various XML spaces of the community which seem to be dispersed in various places across the community.


As mentioned in the Idea: n Correct and n Helpful badge for all forums. (Expertise track for Development Tools spaces) , Monique indicated that the XML spaces were not considered part of the developer expertise track because they sit under "Developer Tools".  To me this doesn't seem to make sense as "Tools" are things like Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, SQL*Developer, SQL*Plus etc. yet XML and XQuery etc. are more part of the development languages, like SQL or PL/SQL are.


Looking at the existing structure we have the following XML related spaces (I may have missed some, let me know)...


All Places > Database > Performance & Availability > XML DB    (XML DB)

All Places > Development Tools > XML > General XML   (General XML)

All Places > Development Tools > XML > PL/SQL XML Programming   (PL/SQL XML Programming)

All Places > Development Tools > XML > XQuery    (XQuery)


The first of those at least sits under the "Database" space, but not sure why it's considered "Performance & Availability", the other three sitting under "Development Tools > XML"


Whilst the XML DB may, kind of, be considered a tool as it includes things like WebDAV to interface the database to a XML related files, a lot of the questions under XML DB relate to dealing with the XML code-wise in the database, which means we have 4 separate areas where XML language can be discussed in one form or another (and we also get XML questions posted often under the PL/SQL and SQL space)


I suggest that all of the above should be collectively put in the Database Application Development space.


As I don't typically spend so much time myself in those spaces (I didn't even realise that those three under Development Tools were there until recently as it's the last place I would have looked for them), I'm happy to defer opinion on how valid this idea is to those who frequent those spaces more.


Certainly the experts in that field who's opinion will be valuable would be those such as mdrake-Oracle, odie_63 and Marco Gralike and who would obviously be effected by a change to the space structure.  If they feel like commenting, please do.


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