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Moderator Communication Ability

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Moderators would be better able to perform their 'duties' (I use that term loosely) if they were able to send a message/communication to a member without having to 'friend' them (and get accepted) first.

For example, a moderator deleting an inappropriate post would benefit from being able to send a message to the member informing them of why their post has been deleted; to notify them, and educate them so that they do not do the same again.  In some forum software, this is done by allowing moderators access to the users email and other details so they can contact directly.  Obviously this isn't suitable for Oracle forums, but other forum software allows an interface where the moderator can send a message to a member without seeing their personal contact details; often being a one-way communication so the member cannot reply.

I assume this would be a change to the Jive software itself, but something along these lines would be very beneficial. (Jive certainly seems very 'lacking' in terms of moderator functionality)


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