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Export OFT file from email asset in Eloqua

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We always get requests to make OFTs of emails we send in Eloqua and I was thinking it might be a really great opportunity for eloqua to have an export to OFT feature. The way we do it now is to test the email to ourselves and then change all the hyperlinks in the email from the tracked by contact version to the untracked version and then save the document as an OFT.


Why this is a great idea:

  • Make this conversion process much more efficient
  • Eloqua knows what the hyperlinks are for all of the emails and could replace them as part of the export process
  • There could be basic email metrics, opens/clickthroughs from OFT metrics included in reports associated with the email.


I'm not sure what other template file extensions other platforms use besides Outlook, but this could be a really great opportunity to get the full picture of email performance by integrating metrics from both emails sent from within Eloqua and outside of Eloqua (OFTs, etc).


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