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Last Post column in Recent Content and Activity Views

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This has already been mentioned in the Community Feedback (No Product Questions) forum, at least I did, but nevertheless I thought it was worth being mentioned here too.


I think it would very helpful if the forum space listing of recent content and recent activity could include the last post, similar to how it was provided in Jive 4.5.


For example:


Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 3.07.46 AM.jpg


Since people usually remember which post they replied to, showing the last post makes it easy to recognize updates. Currently the views only show the author of a thread, which makes it necessary to read or "follow" a thread in order to realize updates. This is rather inconvenient and often overkill and not necessary.


Ideally, the new listing would include the "Last Post by" information, as well as number of "Replies", "Views" and "Likes".


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