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Create dedicated "Rewards Space" for our rewards & recognition program

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I've been thinking of creating a dedicated "Rewards Space" under the main Oracle Community space that would focus on our rewards program, and was wondering if this would be of interest. Some of the types of things we could include in a space like this:


  • Leaderboards from across the platform, such as our main product leaderboards and our OTN leaderboard.
  • Featured leaderboards from product spaces -- this could rotate and give more visibility to users who have made it onto the leaderboards.
  • Announcements when new badges and missions are released.
  • Featured badges and missions with instructions or hints on how to complete them.
  • Q&A about the rewards program -- if we want to silo these discussions.
  • Featured users who achieve certain goals, e.g., the first user to achieve a high-level badge like Database Guru would get a "spotlight."


This would of course be for users who are interested in this type of thing -- users who don't care about the rewards program could ignore this space.


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