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Navigating to 'Your Places'

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So I'm new to the Oracle Community and I've just starting using these forums. Be gentle.

My company are installing Hyperion so I've followed a couple of relevant 'Places' that I'm interested in.

When I navigate to one of them e.g. 'Smart View' in 'Business Intelligence Foundation', I get a list of the recent forum posts under 'Recent Content'. Great.

There is a list on the left, which is called 'Spaces You Follow' which then allows me to jump to another space I want to see. Useful stuff. Let's say I click on 'Financial Consolidation' in 'Performance Management Applications'. Same again, difference space and I see 'Recent Content'....but this time, my 'Spaces You Follow' pane has been replaced by 'EPM Documentation Resources'!?

Maybe it's a setting I've missed or something but it's rather annoying...seemingly, the only way back is to go into the drop-down on my username and go back to 'My Places'...


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