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Reconsider the concept of the platform Inbox

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I think a lot of common problems regarding forum posts and user behavior are directly related to the platform Inbox. The concept of the Inbox can lead to misconceptions and confusion, especially for newcomers. For example, the Inbox does not provide important functions, like helpful, correct and abuse buttons. And arguably, adding such functions may not be feasible for several reasons. There is also no availability of auto-save when responding and only a limited editor, that does not allow to normalize pasted text.


Not knowing the limitations and function of the Inbox leads to bad user experience. Perhaps it is OK for someone who is more experienced and understands how to use the platform, but even then, it's often a dead end. I suggest to reconsider the current concept of the Inbox. It resembles a typical e-mail client, which is not a good idea, since it does not provide required functions.


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