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Consolidate all Eloqua reporting into OBIEE

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We would like to convince the product manager of Eloqua to add all current reporting capabilities to the new OBIEE Insight. For this case, we are specifically interested in the reporting around custom objects. We feel that this will greatly improve the reporting capabilities and better meet the needs of the Eloqua community.


We are launching a campaign to collect Leads/contacts that is new for us. Typically, we collect leads from our drivers, trade shows or our own events but now we are trying events like baseball games. To do this we created a form for the sales rep to enter the information, answer a few question, and store the information in a custom object. The business decided that they do not want to automatically add the contact to Eloqua until the contact could be vetted. On the advice/direction of Oracle Expert services, we created custom objects to store the data without adding or updating an Eloqua contact.

The reporting requirement is to send the regional Sales rep a report of the data after an event so the contacts can go through the vetting process. The Custom Object Data report in the Custom Object fulfilled all of our report data needs.


But it lacked in 4 areas.

1) Too much data. There are fields on the report that would be blank or not needed so we have to manually remove columns of data every time we send the report.

2) Rearrange the data. The business wanted the data in a different order so we manually rearrange columns every time we send the report

3)Filters. One of the field is the name of the event where the contact data was collect and the business requirement is a report for each event. Again, so we manually filter the report for each event.

4) Automatic sending of the report. We would like to automatically send these reports based on a date. While this is a manual process today, I know that when you turn on the Agent functionality in OBIEE we will be able to accomplish this requirement.

We looked at the existing reports in Classic Insight and OBIEE to meet some of these requirements but the data object (Subject Area) assumes that the custom object is linked to a contact thus omitting any records that do not have a corresponding contact record. Because of the missing data, we could not utilize Classic Insight or OBIEE report.



Currently Eloqua has record reporting functionality in different areas of the product. Custom Object and Integration Inbound reporting are two of the areas we utilize and in our opinion the Eloqua product will be greatly enhanced by bring this reporting into one area…OBIEE.

  • Reports will be maintained on one location
  • The ease of use of OBIEE enhances the reporting features
  • Reporting consistency


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