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Shared Lists & Components Treasure Hunt in Eloqua?

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Why are there no Favorites shortcut or Created By Me, etc... options for these Assets?



Oddly, at least something is there when I try to place a Shared List inside a Segment... or a Header into an Email... why the disconnect and inconsistency?




Why, when I want to Access these Assets directly, must I always have to click through the labyrinth of folders, time after time, just to get to them? How about at least a History list of links? Something?


This is terrible interface and UX design, when will these glaring inconsistencies be corrected?


Or, why can't I Edit the Header or Footer directly form the Email editor, as I can for a Form? How does this inconsistency make any sense?


Is anyone even trying to improve the workflow for your customers who are not pleased at all with these time wasting, exasperating and frankly baffling shortcomings in your interface?


Who is responsible for UX design for Eloqua at Oracle?


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