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Export Security Groups for Audits

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On Topliners there's a Post on Security Groups, including an excel file of the standard Security Groups configuration. Oracle Eloqua Security Groups Default Permissions.

A great document which quickly gives you insight in the Security Settings per Security Group. A working document which you can give to your client (perhaps in simplified version) and work with.



It's recommended to check these settings every once in a while to see if certain settings have changed or check if you need to review certain settings because they don't make sense anymore. But it is difficult to compare it to the Standard Security Group or to a Custom Security Group since there's no export functionality to see it in a spreadsheet.



I think it would be very useful to have an export option in the User Screen, which exports the current Security Groups configuration. This way you can better manage this. Example mockup below.


In addition an export button to export all security Groups. This way you can see:

- What has changed in our environment in comparison to the Standard Security Groups;

- What has changed in our environment in comparison to the Custom Security Groups configuration with which we've implemented our Eloqua Instance.


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