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Remove or change the characters used for the (+) emoticon

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In the community the editor automatically recognises the


characters as you type them and converts them to which is one of the emoticons


In reality, I haven't seen anybody genuinely using the emoticon, but (+) certainly is something the people on here continually use as it's part of the Oracle SQL syntax for outer joins so appears in code people type or paste, all the time.


So, either the characters that are detected to convert to the emoticon need to be changed to something else, or the emoticon just removed (can anyone think of a genuinely good reason for it? along with ?)


It's a real pain to try and type the characters and prevent the editor from automatically converting it (it can be done, but it's very tricky) to the emoticon, and it current prevents code from being copied from the community to our own database, as the image doesn't get copied as the characters to the code, and outer join details are lost.


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