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Ideally, a person will post a question, receive the correct answer and mark it accordingly. However, in reality, we often see multiple questions, multiple answers and wrong questions, or wrong initial problem analysis leading to different questions.


I wonder what it would take to allow people to mark more than one questions as correct. I think subject lines and initial questions are often not useful when searching for a solution. Hence, when searching for a solution, having multiple correct answers in a thread shouldn't be a problem. It may also help people who cannot decide to choose between multiple correct answers and increase the changes of responses getting marked.


Based on the discussion below:


I think what this idea can potentially address is the following:


  • avoiding that people cannot decide between two or more correct answers and therefore won't mark any answer as correct.
  • avoiding that only the more prominent person, (admin, oracle, moderator, forum leader) gets the correct answer.
  • giving credit to correct answers where multiple possible solutions apply.
  • addressing issues where a thread contains multiple questions and multiple correct answers.


Some OP may decide to give everyone 100 points by marking all responses as correct, as they can do with helpful responses, however, such behavior shows inappropriate judgment and won't put the OP in an favorable light. Based on my experience, I doubt this would be a problem, since most posters care more about their own reputation, than the reputation of others.


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