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Allow more than one e-mail address and capability to filter content by mail address

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The idea is to allow each profile to allow one to specify an additional e-mail address.  In addition to this one should be able to filter what mail will be redirected to which mail address.



I turned on the receiving of certain mails and found that after 589 mails I had had enough, so I turned them off.   Now I miss some interesting activity.  And following activities in certain communities becomes more laborious.

This is just like spam and a DOS attack at the same time

Yes, one could alter settings in the profile, but people don;t want to remain logged on to the community all the time.



  1. Allow for an additional mail address to be specified
  2. Additional mailbox can be either an alternate mailbox with an ISP
  3. Allow one to filter which mail is to be redirected to which mailbox. 
  4. Keep the primary mailbox for your profile only.


This way one can have a mailbox much the same as a news feed that is not your main private mailbox but rather a collection point for all community based mail.


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