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MOOC: Screen display and layout for Quizzes

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There is a fair amount of information provided for each quiz question.    The information is scrolled up and down and has sizeable white space in between.



  1. Split the Quiz screen view into two sections, a left and right hand pane.
  2. Place the static information in the left hand pane and only make it scroll-able if larger than the pane size.  This would contain the input like table, column and data type information.   It could also contain sample data for each input table.
  3. Place the expected output/results layout, question and the possible answers in the right hand pane.  This too can be scroll-able if larger than the pane size.
  4. One could also allow the entire quiz screen view to be resized and or maximised.


The same can be said about the OCP testing.  It can also undergo a similar revamp.


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