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POST Quiz completion allow all attendees to publish their homework solutions

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DISCLAIMER:    This idea is specifically targeted for the MOOC community.   No Idea space exists for the MOOC community.  A suggestion/request has been put forward.


I am sure that all course attendees would like to compare their code with all other attendees.    This would be an interesting and beneficial exercise for all.   It will allow attendees to see that a problem solution can be coded in many different ways and still achieve the same end result.



While leading up to the quiz all homework communication is restricted to questions about the problem and the only answers to theses questions must be to lead the attendee to solve the problem on their own.


After the Quiz has been completed by all attendees:

  1. Create an area/community space organised by assignmen
  2. Within each assignment allow for one or more tasks
  3. Provide a mechanism to allow each attendee to upload their code for each assignment and
  4. if the assignment consists one or more tasks then the attendee should be able to upload the code for the tasks within each of the assignments
  5. All attendees will then be able to view for example Assignment 1 Task 1.  This should list Code from all attendees for Assignment 1 Task 1.


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