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Insight Agent scheduling with prompt

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We would need to schedule a report or dashboard in new Insight with prompts to customize the output data - which is currently not possible in new Insight. This functionality is very important to us and also critical for further reporting with Eloqua, as we don't see another chance to provide customized reports with just one centralized report. This has the advantage that it must be maintained just in one central report if any changes are needed. We have a couple of reports already in Classic Insight, where this is necessary and should be also possible with new Insight. I am aware of the fact that these are two different tools (Classic Insight from MicroStrategy and New Insight from OBIEE) but as this is an important functionality, we would assume at least to have the main functionalities from Classic Insight also in New Insight. Here are two cases which we are facing:

Case 1:

We need to schedule one report for 300 persons (Sales Persons). We are currently do this with Classic Insight through a prompt in the report. When scheduling the report, we are customizing the reports with the prompt, so that we just need to set up 300 subscriptions for each Person, but the report stays the same - as above mentioned, the advantage is that changes have just to be done in one central report. When no prompt customization in the Insight Agent is possible, we need to set up 300 copies where the only difference is the data which is filtered by the person - this is not an appropriate and maintainable solution for us and would mean we can't use new Insight for this purpose.


Case 2:

When scheduling just as an example the Standard Report "Email Analysis Overview" in Excel Format, the Excel File will just contain row 1-75 and is for this reason not complete. Even if we would create a customized report and filter the data, we have always to consider that just the first 75 rows are taken into account. Maybe I'm overlooking some settings where you can set this up? If not, it should be possible to customize this through the prompt (which is already in the report) when scheduling it.


I really hope that this functionality is going to be developed in new Insight - as I saw in Topliners, these functionality was already requested since about two years but in OBIEE.


Thanks & will keep my fingers crossed,



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