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Re-instate question marked "Assumed Answered" to "Not Answered"

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Frequently one finds the situation where questions posed are not answered.   In my case I decided to mark the question as "Assumed Answered".  

After a lot of thinking I have realised that I need to know the answer to the question.  Opened the question and wanted to change the status back to "Not Answered".  This does not seem possible.


It would be useful to be able to change the status of the question to "Not Answered" and to change the timestamp on the question to the time it was altered.  


This could also apply to questions that have been "Answered".


Altering the timestamp should hopefully allow the question to be displayed prominently for a while. Hopefully interested parties will see this and respond.  

The prominence of the question will change depending on the activity on the community. 


If there are many postings occurring then the question will eventually move away from the position of prominence.


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