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Friend Request - Retract friend request

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There are many ideas on Friend Requests.  I have issued some friend requests.  Some people respond, but others don't.


The reason why some people do not respond could be attributed to:

  1. They are not interested
  2. They have too many friend connections already
  3. The number of postings taking place hides the friend request and there is no notification or
  4. the notification is simply discarded


The community system may be free but resources come at a price.  I have witnessed how much space can be consumed by a myriad of very small files.


It would be in the interests of all that superfluous information is discarded as soon as possible.



Allow the person issuing a friend request to be able to retract this request.



After reviewing the comments the following points are no longer applicable and will no longer be considered:

Allow the system to automatically discard a friend request after a specified time period, because it is obvious that the person to whom the request has been directed is not going to accept.

The discard time period could either be set as system default which would be a acceptable time period as agreed by the moderators or allow the person initiating the request to set a time period that the person is prepared to wait for a response.


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