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Change IDEA voting

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I have observed that depending how an idea is presented there are some aspects that people would agree with and some that they do not agree with.   This more than likely causes them to pass a negative vote on the idea.


Currently anyone can only vote once and this carries a vote weighting score of 10.      The question is how does one decide on whether the idea as a whole is acceptable or unacceptable or whether part of the original idea and some of the comments should be used to formulate the specification from which to implement a solution which stems from the original idea.


The proposal will allow one to vote for part of the idea and promotes comment from people who would just like to indicate which part of the idea they are voting for.  This should still be seen as building on an idea.



  1. That people be allowed to vote twice.
  2. The vote is in increments of 5 "vote weighting score" points (vote weighting score of 5 points or 5 vote weighting score points)
  3. The total of 10 vote weighting score points still applies and can be applied as follows:
    1. Vote up twice to agree with the whole idea
    2. Vote up once to agree with part of the idea
    3. Vote down once to disagree with part  of the idea
    4. Vote down twice to disagree with the idea in its entirety
  4. Each vote increment is treated separately but is tallied to ensure that the 10 vote weighting score points is not exceeded.
    • A person must be able to vote up once and down once.   Exercising the two vote options should result in a total vote weighting score of 10.  This is regardless of voting positively or negatively or a combination of the two.
  5. The vote weighting score of 5 indicates that part of the idea is agreed/disagreed with:
    • Voting positively: If the voter only votes a total of 5 vote weighting score points then the person is prompted to indicate which part they are voting for and provide a reason.
    • The same is applicable to voting negatively.
  6. Where one votes for the full 10 vote weighting score points whether positive (in agreement) or negative (in disagreement) no comment is required.
  7. Where a vote is up for part of the idea and down for another part of the idea then one is prompted for a reason for each of the votes.
  8. Where a vote is down for part of the idea, one is prompted for a comment indicating what is being disagreed with and or a suggestion of what one could change it to to make it more workable.
  9. Allow people to ignore or opt out of commenting for a partial vote.


Decisions Required:

  1. Allow vote increments of (vote weighting score of 5 points or 5 vote weighting score points).
  2. Allow a total of two votes that can be any combination of positive and or negative (just like the binary number system e.g. (0 0, 0 1, 1 0, 11) (0 being negative, 1 being positive))
  3. Prompt for comment on partial votes where the partial vote is a negative vote with the option to opt-out or ignore.
  4. Allow people to ignore or opt out of commenting for a partial vote.


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