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Allow Ideas to be saved as Draft during formulation stage

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When creating or formulating an idea there is no facility to park it or save it as a draft version.



  1. Allow Ideas to be saved as a draft version
  2. Due to technical constraints regarding drafts a notification should be sent out to remind people after a definable period that they have an unfinished idea.
  3. The OP should be allowed to delete the idea before the posting is final (while in draft mode)
  4. The OP should be able to retract the idea after posting is final.


Decisions Required:

  1. Who should manage and or set the definable parameter to be used to remind people about their unfinished drafts?
  2. Should this be the responsibility of Administrators, Moderators or should the individual define a personal reminder interval?
  3. What would be the maximum time period allowed before an idea should be transitioned from draft state to published state?
  4. Should the draft idea be discarded automatically if no activity tracked by the time maximum time period is reached?



Possible additional features:

  1. Unfinished idea in draft mode: Send frequent reminder notifications after a definable period or every 14 days.


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