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Advancing the IDEA and points allocation

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Currently points are warded for any of the following comments to an idea:

  1. Comment on the idea
  2. Reply to a comment on the idea


There should be a distinct difference between the "ADD A COMMENT" button and the Reply link .   


A reply should be to justify an idea and or thoughts and does not necessarily forward or enhance the idea.

Theses replies to one another should be considered the debate about or around the idea.


When one has formulated something concrete that will enhance the idea then add a comment using the "Add A COMMENT" button .



  1. Points are only awarded where a COMMENT is added that enhances or provides a critique on the idea.  The comment is posted to the idea and not as a reply to some other persons comment.
  2. No points are awarded where parties Reply to each others comments.
  3. Parties may reply to one another until they have formulated exactly what enhancement to COMMENT on..
  4. The OP is to review the COMMENTs and adjust the idea if appropriate.


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