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Remove "Take the Tour Banner" - Replace with a link

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The "Take the Tour" Banner takes up a large portion of the display are on the community page.   I use FireFox and regardless of the settings the Banner persistently displays on the web page.  Follow the process to close the banner and when one opens a new page an another tab the banner is back again.  When I use IE11 it works OK.   IE11 has the problem where the display goes into a deep and I mean deep sleep state and cannot be revived without a hard system restart.  This deep sleep occurs when viewing YouTube videos for example the MOOC course material.


Mozilla FireFox

IE 11 (Did not have to close the banner, it did not appear at all.)

One needs to take into consideration that:

  1. individuals will have different browser preferences.
  2. individuals may have different display sizes and resolutions
  3. that each browser may have a different behaviour and implementation of HTML 5 or whatever the next version is going to be.
  4. the irritation factor of not being able to get rid of the "Take the Tour" banner or having to waste time with many clicks to get rid of it until one opens the next page or refreshes the current web page.
  5. The cookie system is not dependable nor trustworthy in this particular case.



  1. Remove the "Take The Tour" Banner completely from the web page.
  2. Replace it with a link to the "Take the Tour" Section
  3. Place the link on the toolbar menu
  4. Award  points for completing the "Tour"


Doing this solves the problem for those who have browsers that seemingly "refuse" to let the banner go.



No points will be awarded for completing the tour.  This is in line with the current practice.


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