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Your Activity to reflect points allocated and deducted

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Viewing "Your Reputation Activity" it only displays points allocated.

The allocation is based on your activity raising questions, enhancing an idea, being helpful etc.

The system does however not display points deducted.

The activity screen should serve as an audit trail for all contributions or penalties.



  1. I post a response to an idea and I am awarded 5 points.  I change my mind and delete the response, then 5 points should be deducted from one's tally of points and be reflected as a deduction in the activity.
  2. I raise a question and the Course coordinator responds and marks his response as "Correct".  I find the solution provided does not solve the problem and "Unmark as Correct" changing the question status to "Not Answered".  Points are deducted from me the OP and not the course coordinator.
  3. An Moderator Administrator penalises one for unacceptable comments or abuse.  This should not only be deducted from points tally but also be reflected as such in the activity trail.  It will serve as a reminder of the consequence of any incorrect action or abuse.


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