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Individual feedback statistics of your responses

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I would like to have a quick way to find out how many of my responses a person found correct and helpful. This would make it easier for me to avoid responding to someone who does not seem to provide feedback, or does not appreciate and ignore my responses.


Perhaps a place where this could be shown is the mouse hover-over popup of person's avatar. For example:


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.36.42 AM.jpg


What the above means is that YOU responded to Dude! 322 times. Dude! marked 51 of YOUR responses helpful and 12 correct.


Please note that this idea is not the same as Unanswered question statistics in user profiles, which provides an overall summary of a person's posting history. The information mentioned herein displays feedback statistic pertaining only your responses.


This is most probably not something that is currently possible, but perhaps another product enhancement worth mentioning to the platform vendor.


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